Ana C
2 min readJul 18, 2020


The myopic short-term memory girl.

She’s like any other woman.

She’s unlike any other woman.

She’s a mountain climber and she doesn’t even know it.

She’s a tiger wrestler and she completely ignores it.

She has always excelled yet always second-guessed herself.

She’s human, she’s approachable.

She thinks she lives a cautious life, bound by fear, yet she’s managed to flee the nest and not come back for a rest.

She’s lived in the concrete jungle and domesticated it.

She has faced her demons and invited them over for a sleepover.

She has sipped tea in Paris and raved in Berlin.

She’s a balanced mess. The perfect combination of relaxed laisse-faire and hardcore discipline.

She’s like a cozy house that invites you to take off your shoes rather than stand awkwardly at the doorstep.

She has lived within giants and felt at the playground.

Always the overachiever, she’s collected trophy after trophy as if it was her duty to do so.

If I had to talk about her weaknesses I’d say she suffers both from myopia and short-term memory loss. She can’t seem to realize how high she’s reached, and she quickly forgets the long and difficult road she has managed to overcome.

Wherever she steps, a magnetic trail follows.

The day that girl fixes her ophthalmologic issues and truly sees what she’s made of, she’s gonna be a ticking bomb.

She’ll surf in Nazaré, she’ll summit at the Everest.

I hope one day she discovers the invention of eyeglasses and memory-strengthening supplements.

And if you ever do meet her and have the privilege of stepping into the sacred grounds that comprise her soul… I kindly ask you to please, take off your shoes.