The Hot Air Balloon.

Ana C
2 min readAug 27, 2023

Lately she’s been up in there.

Like a Hot Air Balloon she’s fire and she’s wind.

The combustion, once started, hard to stop.

She’s been screaming for ground, but she doesn’t know how to get there. She wants the warm embrace of the earth, but she can only muster the scorching touch of the fire.

Her thoughts, wind blowing.

When calm they purify, when uncontrolled they destroy.

Her energy, blazing through her veins, charged with electricity. When focused, this energy propels her forward, when uncontrolled this energy consumes her whole.

She’s electric, she’s uncontainable. She’s this rush of adrenaline after an unexpected adventure, she’s this gasp of air when cold water meets hot skin. She’s dynamite.

And yet the wisdom is within her. Root and Rebound. Two things that have nothing to do with Air or Fire. And everything to do with Earth and Water.

The health of a plant is proportional to the health of its roots. If we see a beautiful flower we can only assume it has healthy, strong roots. The process though, it takes some time. And like everything that takes time, it requires patience. It requieres stillness to wait and see. The seed will sprout underground until it will burst to the surface and look for the light. But the warm moments inside the humid earth, they are the key that will unravel the destiny of the plant.

So wait.

Wait and see.

She’s a force of nature.

She’s a Hot Air Balloon.

And yet the view from up there is hard to compare. Those afraid to leave the ground can do very well in her company.

And someday she will see herself that way. And she will embrace herself fully and unconditionally. And when she does, maybe, just maybe, someone will be lucky enough to share the views from up there.

Up & Up.